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Four Behaviors of Highly Successful People

Being Successful isn’t always something that can be measured in numbers. I learned that over time while struggling to create my own version of success. Though it can be fleeting, once you run into someone who is considered ‘successful’, you just know it. They exude something within themselves that doesn’t require an introduction. A large portion of the population might even be drawn to these particular people. And the best part? there isn’t one way to be successful, and everyone can be in their own right. so what makes a person fit this description? Here are 4 things that I have noticed over time.

                                                         They mind their business.

Why are people who mind their business often times successful as well? To me, it is because they only give attention to things that personally matter to them. How many people do you know that spend a lot of time in other people’s business? Whether that time is spent on social media, or entangled in the happenings of reality television, time is being used in ANOTHER persons benefit.You will often find many successful people being clever with their time by:

  • Reading books that teach skills.
  • Learning or practicing a new skill.
  • Going to school or taking classes.

These activities all have an overall end goal that will benefit the successful person over time.

                                          Successful people don’t entertain drama.

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There was a time in my life when I genuinely believed that drama was everywhere and unavoidable. That couldn’t be furthest from the truth! As you grow up, you learn how to fill your idle time. In places like school – middle school through college – it isn’t uncommon to notice the amount of drama happening in the lives of your peers. What separates successful people from the rest is the amount of time given to drama. It’s pretty common and forgivable to entertain petty matters when you’re a teenager, or don’t have many extracurricular affairs of  crazy significance.  But have you noticed that the full-on adults who still entertain drama seem to be stuck in a cycle of negativity? This cycle can keep your potential dormant. If this is you, break free!

                                                 They focus on what’s important.

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Behind every successful person, is someone or something that matters to them. In fact, according to, “having a partner that helps keep your personal life running can reduce stress and keep the focus on work during the workday.” This in turn can lead to that promotion, or big business deal that changes your entire life. Truly successful people do not get distracted by the overstimulation of our everyday lives. They focus on these key things:

  • Family – cultivating successful and loving children with their spouses.
  • Close friends – maintaining relationships with their circle of influence.
  • Responsibilities – work, side hustles, assets, staying healthy etc.
It’s no wonder Successful people seem so busy and unavailable!

                                    Successful people don’t look for validation in others.

person at a skate park on a board successful

The most important behavior of successful people is their confidence in themselves. Confident and successful people do not work for anyone or thing but their own benefit. Why is it important that they do not look for external validation? In my experience, outside voices open doors to the following:

  • Negative energy – Fear turned to words by people who may have given up.
  • Naysayers – People who may have some jealousy in regards  to the success of others.
  • Bad influences – Those who find joy in bringing others down with them.
This is the main reason why those who enjoy the life of success do not look for validation from others. Most times, you could be met with more than you are asking for.


There are so many ways that people can measure success. These are the four behaviors of success that I have seen within myself, and others who have already reached this milestone. Obviously there are way more traits of successful people than the ones listed above. WHat are some ways that you measure success? and do you exhibit any of these behaviors? If you are interested in more content like this then please check out my other blog posts. I look forward to your feedback in the comments!

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    Such a well-written post. I think our whole society needs mindful reminders like these. As soon as we mind our own business, stop the comparison and underline the positive instead of emphasizing the negative, we can see so much more clearly. Thanks for putting that out there, it has definitely helped me align again today! Love, Susanne

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