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The 3 Most Inescapable Lessons of Adulthood

The ideal life for the standard person is usually shaped by one’s decisions. These choices may include friends, career, partner, and a plethora of miniscule things as well. If you make the “right” choices and get somewhat lucky you can forge a great life for yourself. The lesson comes when you have to face obstacles that may come with time. In this post we will be going through 3 life lessons that arise from some of life’s obstacles that you may encounter on your journey.

Lesson 1: There may not always be someone there for you.


For most of your life if you are fortunate there will be people in your corner to help you along the way. This may take the form of mentorship, or even come from a lifelong friend. But with life it is imperative to know that this is not guaranteed to be the case for everyone. A time may come where you will find no one available to be there for you. This can vary from small situations to grave ones, which is where the lesson comes in. Encountering a lack of support doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Here are some ways to combat it:

  • Get up on your own accord. Sometimes the best way out of a hard spot is through it.
  • One thing in life that wont change is that performance is expected. The sooner you realize that the clearer your path will be.

Learning this lesson will help keep a healthy appreciation for the people in our lives, and may even encourage us to lead more fulfilling lives.

Lesson 2: Your relationships will change.


Nothing in life is ever guaranteed. But one thing that you can count on is that you will not get through it without your relationships changing. It’s perfectly natural for change to come with time in most cases, and is not necessarily a bad thing. You may keep in touch with a handful of people from your younger past but things like moving, marriage , and death can change the dynamic of those relationships. In time you will be able to determine who is a healthy choice to keep in your life. This is a lesson we all learn as we get older.

Your relationship with your parents may even change. As you grow older the roles change from guardian to consultant and peer. In some cases parents may even become your friend. it’s an interesting paradigm shift to witness as you grow from dependent to adult. The thing to remember regarding relationships is that they are important to the lives we live. They are here to teach us lessons, benefit us, and even protect us when needed.  

Lesson 3: Not everything has a solution.


The thing most known in life is that we don’t know everything. As an adult this is a bummer to consider. Who doesn’t want all of the answers? I learned this lesson in a painful way, through trial and error as I went through college and the workforce after graduation. You will encounter issues in life that cannot be solved with a straightforward solution. Many life challenges will require compromise to get through. The biggest takeaway is that it’s okay to not always have the answers. Some ways to get through obstacles with no solutions:

  • Outsource the issues. This can be through legal action, or via public resources (depending on the type of issue). Outsourcing the issue exposes your needs to fresh eyes and perspectives that could benefit you.
  • Acceptance. This is the best way to heal from the shock of disappointment when things don’t go as planned.



The biggest takeaway from this post is that life is not completely in our control. Trying to grasp complete control may work for a while, but also can cause anguish. This is because if something isn’t meant to happen, it wont. The 3 lessons learned in life regarding this topic are as follows:

  • People are not entitled to support. We may not always have access to it, but we can survive without it if we are resourceful.
  • Things change in life all of the time. This includes relationships, and we cannot dictate our role in someone’s life.
  • You won’t know all of the answers, and that is okay. Letting go will help you in the end.

What are some lessons that you have learned in life and how has it shaped who you are today? Please check out some of my similar work if you enjoyed this blog post!

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